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How PNL can help from Day 1


  • PNL recently presented at the PERF Fall 2009 Remediation Workshop. Please click the following link to view the presentation: Sediment Sites: An Overview of the Remedial Challenge.
  • Project Navigator, Ltd. recently hosted a 1-day Industry Update Training Workshop in Houston, TX on August 6, 2009. There were ~60 PMs in attendance from various companies including BP, Chevron, Exxon, Oxy, Shell and Waste Management. The Workshop focused on current events and updates within the environmental remediation industry. The feedback to date has been extremely positive and we would like to thank everyone involved for making the event a success!  All speaker presentations are posted on Project Toolbox (, please contact Elizabeth Schell ( or 917-653-7570) with questions.
  • PNL is innovating reactive cap technology
  • PERF Fall 2009 Remediation Workshop
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  • The Patrick Bayou Superfund Site in Deer Park, TX continues to utilize the Adaptive Management Process in the ongoing RI/FS at the Site. Recently, Project Navigator has worked with the RI/FS contractor to develop an approach which integrates risk evaluation with feasibility study work. The approach was approved by Region 6 EPA this week. This streamlined effort was designed to concurrently evaluate risk, remedy costs and benefits; potentially significantly reducing overall project costs and timeframe.